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Visa Support

Right From Preparing & Filing Documents till Your Visa Interview. We Support you.

 Alrayad Consultancy and Training Services 


                        الرياد للاستشارات الاكاديميه و التدريب 

Alrayad is a global Educational agency. We have earned a solid reputation as premier international student recruitment that is based in Ireland. We can chase your application on a personal basis, through our university partners. We’ve helped more than 1000 students to build their academic and career future. 

Alrayad has an expert team of academic consultants and admissions staff, who are highly experienced within the education and training industry.  

Our management teams are professionally qualified within their respective fields and have been instrumental in forming the basis for many vital affiliations, partnerships, and strategic alliances. This has been significant in our global expansion and ongoing success at an international level. 

Alrayad Consultancy and Training Company has based Dublin Ireland and also has branches and representatives in the Middle East. Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. If anyone want to study in Ireland Universities or middle eastern countries, fill the enquiry form and we will get back to you. 

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    Study Abroad

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    Why Choose Us ?

    If you are unsure about what to do and want to study abroad. We will make it easy for you to pick up the university or college that suits your needs. We have academic experts who will look after your enquiry about study abroad.  

    We offer the following services for our students and trainees.

    • We offer individuals seeking their education abroad with help in finding the course and university they need.
    • We help companies to improve their team by proving them with the specific training they need.
    • We help international students in finding suitable accommodation.
    • We consult International students with their Visa applications.
    • We help the students to understand the culture and immerse in it.
    • We help individuals who are seeking internships in Ireland to find the best place of in-field training and work experience that suits their need.

    Our Services

    Study Abroad

    With organizations on the lookout for people with top notch qualifications and skills to lead and operate in the globalised market, farsighted parents and their children.

    Visa Assistance

    Visa assistance right from application filling to document preparation that meet the most stringent standards required by visa offices of the respective country.

    Course & University Selection

    Alrayad offers one stop solutions to all the queries regarding university and course selection. Our experienced and proficient counselors help the students get admissions into universities and colleges.

    Irish Businesses -Promote your Business in the Middle East

    Our trained and experienced team of counsellors help Irish Businesses to find the target markets in the Middle East. We make sure that we find suitable locations where there is an opportunity to sell their products.

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    Application Assistance

    Applying to study abroad can be a stressful time for both parents and prospective students. With the potential for high rewards, it is thus paramount that the application process is smooth, efficient and effective.


    College students have a wide choice when it comes to accommodation. Some students choose to stay in on-campus. we provide accomodation according to students needs and budget.

    Some of Irish Universities Campuses

    They have a lot to offer our students


    ALRAYAD I want to thank the entire team at ALRAYAD CTS for the help and services they offer to students and as for me particularly I want to thank Dr. Muath Atmeh for all the help and guidance. Dr Muath Atmeh is very dedicated to his work and he is always willing to go the extra mile to see his students get the best. He always makes the time for his students and is quick to respond to any queries. I appreciate all of the support”

    Areej Alamanseer, Jordan

    ALRAYAD The most difficult thing in life that you find yourself in front of a dead end, then finding who can help pave the way for you to reach your destination and realize your dream, thank you so much  ALARAYD CTS because you put me in the right way in order to complete my studies and fulfill my dream, and a special thanks with all my heart to Dr Muath Atmeh

    Murad Alhawamdah, Jordan